Cash cannon gun- How to use?

Cash cannon gun- How to use?

If you are looking for something special to add some life to your graduation party or you want to feel like a star on your next night out in the town, then you might want to consider getting a cash cannon gun. Not familiar? Let us fill you in! A cash cannon gun which is also known as a money gun is basically like a children’s toy gun that can shoot out paper currency along with just about anything you can fit in.

If this is not clear enough to you, think of a t-shirt gun that most companies will use at major events like concerts to advertise their promotional material. The bottom line is that you want to grab the attention of the user and that’s exactly the purpose of a cash cannon gun! Impress your friends and family and flex your A-game with the aid of this special tool.

Perhaps the best thing about these gadgets is that they are so easy to utilize that no matter your age or experience level, these will be something that you can handle. Even then, today’s article will be an insight into how to use a cash cannon so that you can have all the details before you make a definitive choice.

In terms of construction, most of these guns are made of a damage-resistant ABS material which ensures that they will last you a while. They are shaped like a gun slightly larger than a Glock and have a rectangular slot at the front which is where the money or paper comes out from. Of course, your first thought might be to use real dollar bills but most companies recommend that you make use of their assorted bills since these are better suited to the job.

The reason behind this is that while real bills are susceptible to getting curved or not staying crisp for long, the bills that these companies make are meant to be sturdy enough to come out smoothly and not get stuck inside.

How does a cash cannon gun even work?

To start the process, users have to simply open the cover at the top of most cash cannon guns and there will be a rectangular-shaped compartment. This is the loading compartment and that is precisely where all the bills will be laid flat. Apart from bills, you can also add in your business cards, promotional materials such as brochures and flyers, and anything that will fit out of the front slot.

Once this has been successfully achieved, all you have to do is pull the trigger and a pile of bills will be dispensed! It is that simple of a process. To ensure that you get a smooth and rapid flow which is also controlled, cash cannon guns come with a squeeze-based trigger which can allow you to control the speed and frequency. Mostly it will be about 15 to 20 bills per second.

If you are interested in the mechanism within, it runs via a common motorthat is attached to a rubber roller assembly that will move back and forth. The entire process is powered by the motor which creates friction because when the two components will come in contact, they will create just the right amount of friction to cause the notes to be pushed forward and whirl out at a constant speed.

To run the motor, most cash cannon guns are powered by AA batteries which usually have to be bought and added so that is something to consider.  To get the best results, it is recommended that you lift the gun at an angle that is elevated so that the bills come flying out instead of immediately falling flat to the ground.

You need to give the effect of “making it rain” since that is the entire purpose of a cash gun. The best part about these cash cannon guns is that they are easy to work thanks to the addition of ergonomic grips or pads at the handle which ensures users can get a perfect aim and grasp on the gun for a seamless experience.

How much money can you add at one time?

Now, a question that you might have is; exactly how much money can I fit in there? Well, even though there is no set standard, most guns will have a compartment capacity of anywhere from 100 to 400 notes at a time. This should be enough to ensure that you get a couple of minutes’ worth of entertainment out of this.

While most sellers will give you a decent amount of their own play money, if that isn’t enough for you, reloading should take just a few seconds! Since you cannot be expected to go around picking up the money from the floor, it is recommended to invest in some extra stacks of the money as well. These should be available via the original seller or from many prop cash sellers online.


In conclusion, now that we have laid out a detailed informational guide on how to use cash cannon guns, it is up to you as the user to make an informed decision based on your preference. We hope this review has been enough to allow you to make the right choice.

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