Cash cannon money gun- Who needs to buy one?

Cash cannon money gun- Who needs to buy one?

There are many ways to add some flair to your new year’s party or your friend’s wedding. Many people turn to fireworks or some magical performances with pyrotechnics and amazing acrobats. However, if you want a budget-friendly way that is equally as entertaining and of course will not leave you in debt, then you might want to invest in a cash cannon money gun instead.

So what exactly is a cash cannon money gun?

Of course, you might be wondering what exactly this device is and how it shoots out money? Well, this is known by several different names and you might know it as a cash shooter or simply a money gun. It works just like those toys that we used to have as kids where the paper or cardboard pellets would shoot out of the gun when the button was pressed.

It dispenses out cards, paper, bills, and anything that can fit inside in a very controlled manner but it is also quick which creates this effect of money falling like rain. This is a wonderful addition to your parties and is most popularly known as the cash cannons that rappers and singers use in their music videos or parties to flaunt off their wealth.

Who doesn’t like money and the respect that it brings? With this device, you have a chance to elevate your status in front of your family and friends and just make your night out a little more entertaining and flashy. The cool thing about a money gun is that it is a really simple device to run no matter your age or experience level.

This means that it is not only made to be used by older individuals and it can be an excellent source of amusement for your toddlers and kids. With us shifting into the second wave of Covid-19, it has become even more difficult for parents to keep their kids occupied and buying them a relatively cheap and fun toy such as this is a great idea. Of course, you won’t be adding in real bills for your kids but these guns usually come with the next best thing!

What is the appeal behind a cash cannon money gun?

And that is the idea of the prop money which many of these cash canon money guns already come with. These are a bundle or stack of fake bills that mimic the real deal but are only meant to be used for recreational purposes and on closer inspection are quite different from genuine dollars. Your child won’t know the difference, however, and therefore it will be something they can play with for hours on end.

This is why there is such a wide appeal for the cash cannon money gun as a product because you can practically add in anything from promotional adverts, brochures, and flyers to real dollar bills. There are so many different options available to users today too, so you can get one that fits your budget. You can get them in customized colors and designs along with the bills too!

However, the most important reason that they are so popular is that these cash cannon money guns are user-friendly. We will talk about how the device works in a little while but it is as simple as pulling a trigger on any gun. This means that you not only have a cheaper method to make things more entertaining but you also won’t need to worry about how to work it. The other benefit is that these are supposed to be built to be light enough that you can hold them with ease and maneuver them just as easily.

What is the most important use of a cash cannon money gun and why do you need one?

If you are an advertiser at a club or you are the owner of a brand that has a new product, this is the ideal method to get your business some publicity! This is super easy since you can essentially catch people’s interest at a concert if you shoot out something at them. The idea is practically the same as a T-shirt gun where companies or promoters will dispense out the shirts at their crowds for some clout!

If you are an influencer or an Instagram blogger and especially if you are a TikTok star, you know the importance of keeping people interested in the kind of content that you make. It’s all about the spectacle and what’s a bigger way to create some hype than to shoot literal money out of a gun?

However, before you go ahead and make your purchase, it is important to remember that while the contents inside are harmless, just like any gun, it is crucial where you point it when you shoot. This is the same here and the ideal way to utilize this device is by raising it to a slightly elevated position towards the sky and then pressing the trigger so that it makes the effect that it is raining paper bills. This is really because if you point it down, the paper will immediately fall flat to the ground.

The mechanism which powers these guns is essentially quite simple as it uses a simple motor which is what allows the rubber rolling mechanism to work by moving back and forth to create enough momentum to push the money out.  When these two components will rub together it will create friction and friction energy is what will shoot the bills or whatever else you want to add in a very controlled manner.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest features of these guns!

While each brand might add in a few bells and whistles to appear different from their competition, in reality, the concept and mechanism behind each one are the same. You open up the cover on top, lay in your money in the loading compartment, close it back up and shoot! The triggers in these cash cannon money guns are usually made in a way that is sensitive to squeezing. This means that when you press it, it will allow you to pace the speed and frequency of the bills inside.

Most of these also come fitted with ergonomic handles as the main function will be to continue squeezing the trigger till the money is shot out. Even with a full load of 400 bills, the function cannot last for more than a couple of minutes so it should be an issue but the ergonomic handles are a nice touch. You will also get to have a firm grasp and grip on the gun at all times for the perfect launch and release.

Finally, one of the coolest features of these devices is that even though they are essentially made to be like toy guns, they are still made to last for much longer. This is because they are constructed mostly out of a sturdy ABS material which ensures that no matter how much they are squeezed or used, they will not break or scratch up.

What are some of its uses and why should you buy one?

Cash cannon money guns are supposed to the perfect tool to create some excitement and get a response from audiences. The thrill of real dollar bills being shot out of these devices cannot be compared. This is why it is one of the best methods to promote your business as a promotional tool to capture the attention of the audience or target market. What’s even better is that you can add in brochures, flyers, business cards, and much more!

Like we mentioned before, these handy devices come with a lot of capacity and this allows them to add anywhere between 150 to 400 bills at a time. The brand that you purchase it from will mostly always have their own created and custom bills which you can load in and shoot but in case these are less, you might want to consider getting some more. While it is true that everyone wants to shoot out a load of money for the fun, picking it up later might not always be possible.

This is also why it is not ideal to always use real money unless you are a billionaire.

To conclude this review, we hope that you have way more knowledge on the functioning of a cash cannon money gun than before and you have a better idea of who should invest in one. A cash cannon money gun has several unique uses and the kind you should buy will depend largely on what use you have in mind for it; whether recreational or for business.

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