Dollar Bill Shooter- Do’s and Don’ts

Dollar Bill Shooter- Do’s and Don’ts

Are you wondering what a dollar bill shooter is? Well, here is what it is and what it can do for you. We have also mentioned why you should get it and what are the do and don’ts of it for your improved understanding and awareness.

What is a Dollar Bill Shooter?

The dollar bill shooter is a gun that is used for dispensing money or any paper item. It is used when you make a lot of money and you want to celebrate so dollar bill shooters are a good investment. However, it can also be to distribute cards or you can make a game out of it.

The primary use of the shooter is to dispense the US dollar fashionably. Moreover, it can also be used for dispensing promotional flyers, coupons, or business cards.  You can load almost 1000 bills and pull the trigger. The dollar bill shooter makes you feel like an absolute boss.

 The dollar bill shooter comes along with 100 pieces of fake money for you to practice and you can also place real money in the loading compartment and finally pull the trigger. Make sure you pull the trigger in the direction you want the items to be dispensed. Use this object in an exciting yet regulated movement to distribute paper products. To keep them coming back to your venue and to raise sales, deliver exclusive promotional items to your patrons.

The dollar bill shooter can fire up to a distance of 2 meters within 15 seconds. The system uses a basic motor and rubber roller assembly that creates enough friction to move smoothly out of the exit hole with dollar bills and other paper objects. The ergonomic handle provides the user with excellent control of the loading compartment and the direction in which the objects are released. The squeeze trigger enables the user to monitor the dispensing objects. And it works using only one 9 volts to top it all off. 

During the process of playing money gun, you can hardly hear any sound make it rain with your buddies, it’s incredibly easy to use this, just mount the 9V batteries that come with into the right side of the gun. Just raise the top cover and load the real cash, fake money, etc. That’s it just aims the gun a little up in the direction you want and eventually pulls the trigger.

A perfect gift for children or some adults on Christmas that you would never regret but there are some dos and don’ts that you have to follow.


The dollar bill shooter is important to have the lid on to have pressure over the money so the money can move out easily.  Also, do not put more than 90 bills at a time and keep the angle of the gun slightly upwards during the use. Properly place the dollar bills in the gun and then cover it with the lid properly. Always keep the gun tilted upwards and also keep it in the direction in which you want to shoot.

You can flex it on all your friends at a party or a wedding. Perfectly suited for bachelorette parties, Christmas gifts, nightclubs, etc. Having a dollar bill gun will make you look and feel rich. 


Don’t remove the lid off the dollar bill shooter because that way the money would not move out. When you remove the lid, the bill is kind of slanted upwards so it can’t come out of the exit hole. You add newly printed dollar bills because the other bills would fold inside and it would not come out of the exit whole. Don’t overload the gun with cash. Overloading is never a good option because it would choke the gun. 

Dollar bill shooter is perfect for fun-loving people who like having such accessories while going to a party or clubs. Making you look fancy and you will be the center of attention. 

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