Double Sided Prop Money- The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

Double Sided Prop Money- The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

Prop money is used in movies, parties, pranks, social media sites, to educate kids, etc. in place of the real money. Because using real money can be a risky thing, you have to protect it plus getting piles of real money is not easier. Using prop money can be a cheap and easy way to fulfill your need.

Many companies are printing prop money; they have got legal permits for it. Some of them are printing a quality product and their prop money looks much similar to the real money.

The most important thing which makes the prop money look near to the real money is.

It is two-sided printing, which makes it double-sided prop money. Because real money has two side printing, that’s why prop money is printed on both sides exactly like real money. you may have seen the piles of money in the movies that are the prop money, for instance, money in the bank robbery scenes.

The ultimate beginners’ guide

The prop money can only be printed by legally permitted companies. They do it through the usage of different techniques. One of such techniques is Offset printing, which is a common and mostly used technique for printing. The prop money can be printed through the use of a plate, just need to draw the pattern on the plate.

Just dipping the plate inside the ink and then placing it on the paper, gives you a prop money paper. This is very easy and gives more realistic and matched results. It is an easier and feasible form of making prop money instead of the inkjets and laser printers, which takes more time and are complicated too.

The double-sided fake or prop money is printed to use instead of the real money, like in movie scenes or at parties or to make pranks on your friends. As initially mentioned, using piles of real money just to make a movie scene can be a risky thing, you have to take extra care of the money. That’s why fake money is used for the scenes.

But this fake money cannot be used when it doesn’t give the appearance similar to the real money. So, this prop money has two side printing similar to the real money. it has the same color combination and size to give a real impression.

This double-side printing can make the prop money more useable:

  • It can give fake money a more real appearance
  • It allows you to use it for pranks and videos easily
  • A movie scene with double printed fake money bundles become more captivating
  • It can be used to educate kids about real money


Double-sided Prop money is printed on both, the front and backside to give the appearance near to realistic. This double-sided printing makes it more appropriate to use even for the pranks. This also makes its usage easier for movie scenes and makes them extra captivating. So if you are new, you can go for it.

NOTE: The Prop Money has a full printing on both front and back sides, similar to the real money. The difference between both is this, real money has an official number on it but fake money has no allotted number on it. This is the condition on which companies are allowed to make prop money, and the users cannot use it in public.

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