Fake Video Money-Legal Guide

Fake Video Money-Legal Guide

Are you wondering what kind of money is used in movies and seasons? From where this money come? Is it real money? Do you think it is real money that is being used in Money Heist? Fake money is used in all movies, photography, production house, tutorials, etc. because it is beneficial to get and use. Real money is difficult to gather, even secure, and more to use; therefore, people use fake money.

No, of course, it is not real money because getting real money of this amount is not easy moreover you need to travel from place to place that becomes difficult. Regardless of this, many times we need to make videos and movies in foreign countries and getting money from that it is not easy to get the currency of that country in a huge amount. So, you need to buy the fake money of that country legally.

In this article, we will tell you the legal guide of fake video money so that you may not end up with punishment that can be charged due to lack of awareness of the legalities.

There is a criterion for making fake money; otherwise, people will take advantage of working in such industries and print real currencies, causing so many hurdles for the government. According to law-making agencies, it is a crime and offense to use fake money in the real market for transactions.

It is essential to know the legal rules when you are using fake money. This article will contain a legal guide to fake video money so that you do not get into legal prosecution. 

The legal guide to fake movie money

There are many rules by law that need to be fulfilled to use prop money in dramas, seasons, movies, and theatres.

The legal guide is mentioned below; Let’s begin without any wait!

Written Note: Write different notes like “motion pictures use only,” unreal fake money reserve,” or “prop movie money signature” at one side of the prop money. If the note is not written, it will look like real money that is the biggest crime.

Different Color: The color of the fake video should be lighter than the real note. A bit of variation in color makes money look the same meanwhile save you from legal prosecution.

Three-quarter size: Fake movie money should be three-quarter in size as compared to original real currency notes. When this money is placed in the suitcase and used in front of the camera, it looks so fascinating, realistic, and thrilling that it can dodge even a very sensible and experienced person. In this way, your movie will become top-rated by following all legal constitutions.

Holograms: Holograms are glossy, metallic patterns with ghostly images floating inside money that help to differentiate prop and real money. Holograms are tough to reproduce, so it becomes tough for people to make copies of fake video money illegally.Therefore, prop money shouldn’t have holograms because it is illegal.

Seal: The seal of a fake video should be of a different design.

Resolution: The maximum resolution should be 27dpi, not more because it will become similar to real money. Fake money should not be the same as real money in any way. Its color, size, resolution, even everything should vary, may be very minimal.

Foreign note printing: Printing foreign notes in your country is not allowed because it is considered an illegal act. You cannot print foreign currencies in your country. 


If illegal money is found, contact law-making agencies: being a part of a transaction if illegal money is a crime. Where ever found, contact to police immediately, and handover that person and money to law regulating agencies. Avoid the circulation of money and become a responsible citizen of your country.

Scanning the Fake video money: It is not allowed to make copies of fake movie money; even scanning of prop money is not allowed.

Every wise person looks before they leap to secure himself from falling from a well where there is only dark and maybe death. So, whatever you are going to di think about all the causes and consequences, then proceed confidently use fake video money is one of the evolving needs of almost every industry, and its legal benefits are difficult to count.

Follow this quick guide to enjoy the fake money!

Final Words:

Nobody is above the law, and every citizen needs to abide by the laws. Fake video money is legal but can be illegal at the same time depending upon your use and lacking information regarding guides.

Fake video money requires life it is as precious as real money. In movies, videos, and seasons, we need a bundle of money and it is difficult to use real money for this purpose. Fake video money contains endless benefits but getting fake money also needs some tips and guides to avoid any illegal activities.

No one wants to be charged with a 20 years jail punishment neither to be penalized with a $250,000 fine. We hope that this above-mentioned guide precise yet accurate guide will help you a lot in making fake video money.

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