High-quality prop money- How do you know the quality of the money?

High-quality prop money- How do you know the quality of the money?

If you like a lot of readers have ever seen a blockbuster heist movie where the protagonist barely escaped with their lives and thousands of banknotes are blown up instead, you might be wondering what’s going on? The reason why you are as shocked is that while the paper bills you saw getting destroyed seemed real, in actuality they were not! This is because what you were viewing was essentially high-quality prop money.

To begin, let’s start with figuring out exactly what high-quality prop money is.

There are many names to describe this money, it can be called movie money or prop cash but the purpose is the same! This is an assortment of paper bills or coins, that have been intended to seem like genuine cash in the sense that they will look and appear to be extremely realistic. This has many amazing uses and most commonly it is used as a prop for films and to add an authentic feel to sets in both movies and TV shows, or even as the prop that most rappers will show off in music videos.

However, that’s not all as the uses have become much more extensive nowadays. This high-quality prop money might be used by theater groups, for training, for corporate shows and seminars, in magic shows and performances, and much more! The applications are pretty much endless.

This was first utilized in Hollywood during the 70s and 80s because as time progressed and Hollywood had a serious boom, this lucrative industry wanted to add more reality to their stories and productions. So, top-notch producers and directors turned to their set directors and came up with fake money that looked the part. Before this, it was illegal as printing money for any purpose was not allowed unless you were the government.

So, how do we see the money being used so widely and easily today? Well, it is obvious that it is still pretty much illegal to print or utilize phony and fake cash if you mean to buy, trade, or sell in the US. It is a serious offense that may lead the user to get charged with hefty fines or even potential prison time.

This is because according to law, only appointed authorities are permitted to print cash. This is because if done unregulated, it will not be official and thus can be sued to scam unsuspecting retailers or people. It is completely illegal to print fake money that looks extremely realistic unless it is meant to be used for entertainment but there is a whole range of rules that have to be followed for that as well. 

Notwithstanding, there is essentially no genuine law that states you can’t utilize genuine cash on screen in films or recordings since this can’t be duplicated or imitated since it is in the form of a video. This is also why it is a much more serious crime to print realistic looking money in magazines. However since not even big-time producers and moviemakers have hefty amounts of cash lying around for use in films, they have to turn to producers of high-quality prop money.

Using real money is completely legal on screen as long as it has been acquired through legal means but this may get damaged or lost or even stolen so it is not the most logical way. So what a lot of people will do is, they will invest in the best quality prop money in the business.

Thanks to such a high increase in demand for these items, it has become an extremely worthwhile business since movies, TV producers, music artists, and corporations will always find a need for realistic fake cash for projects and performances. Anyway, for what reason do individuals put resources into better prop cash, and what sorts of cash alternatives would you be able to get?

So, to move on let’s figure out why people choose to invest in high-quality prop cash how can you tell what the quality of the money will be like?

To start with, let’s look at what most prop money makers and different brands are offering to users. You can get most organizations to make you special and custom prop bundles which means that you can get special characters or text written on the products. This is also a good way to stay within the ambit of the law since these alterations render the money useless in the real world.

If you are a client on a budget, many companies will even allow you to rent out their money so that you can use it for a certain time and then return it. This is best for smaller production houses or independent groups. The best part is that for many companies, all you have to do is simply let them know the measurements of the area you would like to fill and they will deliver that exact amount in high-quality prop money. 

The most common way that you will get these stacks of prop money will be in the form of 100 dollar note stacks. The advantage of purchasing from an approved vendor is that while you can print prop money by buying custom molds online yourself, you might have to pay close attention to the rules as legal ramifications can make you end up losing more money in legal fees.

That’s why you always turn to professionals because apart from getting you bills that look realistic, they will also ensure that the product they give you is lawful and cannot be utilized for illegal activities. They have essentially mastered the technique of making bills that may look real on TV or the big screen only from certain angles and distances but when you hold the paper in your hand, you can easily tell it is not authentic.

So, why is there such a big fuss over having to be so specific with fake money? Wee, over the last decade or so, there have been more and more recorded incidents of people trying to use high-quality prop money to buy things or make deals. This of course is a very big motivator for bigger productions to only go to authorized sellers of prop cash because if found to be used illegally, the FBI or other authorities might get involved and they can make you cut out entire scenes.

So, another question that might arise in your mind is, how do you know the quality of the money?

The main point to keep in mind when you are purchasing prop cash and want to know the quality of the money is that there are special tricks to ensure this. Before we move onto that, however, it is important to know that genuine printed cash will be printed after it undergoes various tests and security lookouts, but for film prop cash, for the most part, this won’t ever be an issue.

This is large because most brands will have spent much time and money to make sure that their prop cash is essentially very different from actual money. So there will be some telltale signs to tell high-quality prop money from real money. What gives these bills away is the smaller details that they cannot possibly mimic. This may include the seal or the holographic lines on real dollar bills.

Other methods to easily distinguish the two is that while most real bills are made from a high-quality cotton-like paper, fake bills will never be able to match that consistency and texture as they will be closer to simple paper. The ink and shades of color of the ink will also easily give away even the most high-quality prop money products. However, as competition arises, many are even including holographic details to mimic real bills.

If you want to order the most high-quality prop money, all you have to do is simply choose the amount and type of stack you want. The high-standard ones are usually reserved for close-ups and this means that it is much harder to tell them apart from the real deal. These will have high-quality ink, have all the amazing details that make it realistic but one thing is different.

To ensure that there is no confusion or legal issues, the High-Grade options will be printed on one side only! Yes, that’s right! You will be able to get the illusion of real money but while staying within the law. A good way is when producers will stack a pile of blank sheets with a very realistic note on the top and the bottom. All of this is to ensure that the prop cash is never used for criminal activities.

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